The Death and Resurrection of Intel Cutout

Author: Editorial Team

Intel Cutout was one of the few high-quality sources of sensitive information on the dark web. Given the high quality, relatively rare content, it seems that quite a few contributors were likely insiders in security/intel organizations. A number of breaches and security related threads appeared in Intel Cutout first or shortly after they were revealed publicly.

Screenshot of dark web site Intel Cutout.
An example page from Intel Cutout

Death of Intel Cutout

A few days ago, the former moderator of the site “witchman05” informed us that it was shut down by its admin, “FoxMulder”, a regular contributor and active user of other popular forums. You can read the Jabber conversation below.

Screenshot of Jabber conversation with Witchman05

A disagreement sprouted between users of The Hub, another dark web forum, and witchman. It turns out FoxMulder was allowing people to request specific doxes of people, a practice Witchman05 refers to as “unkosher”. Witchman05 realized what was happening and completely shut the dox section down. After that, FoxMulder shut the entire site down.

You can see in the discussion below that Mulder is the suspected perpetrator and that Witchman was embroiled in the disagreement.

Discussion on the The Hub of Intel Cutout activities and users

Resurrection of Intel Cutout

We were told there was little chance the admin would re-surface Intel CutOut anytime soon. But we saw Intel CutOut Reloaded come online today.

Screenshot of Intel Cutout Reloaded landing page

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