Manufacturing Cyber SecurityManufacturing a Stronger Supply Chain: When People are the Weak Link, GroupSense Can Help

When people are the weak link, GroupSense can help.

Humans were the weak link in this tech giant’s supply chain. Motivated by easy access to dark web marketplaces, assembly line workers had no qualms about using their access to intellectual property for personal gain. Cloning electronic devices and selling knock-offs for cheaper than the brand name equivalent has long been a lucrative business. This respected manufacturer knew photographs of components of their product were being sold, but they didn’t know the extent of the problem.

Leveraging historical data, GroupSense quickly validated the concern and confirmed that employees were exfiltrating much more than photographs of product components. The company’s prototype data and snippets of internal conversations had also been leaked. Understanding the scope of the leak enabled the client to activate the appropriate incident response and public relations teams to proactively respond.