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Human-driven reconnaissance specific to your organization’s needs, from executive and partner risk monitoring to intellectual property and data theft prevention.

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Preventative Medicine:
Targeted Intel to Stop IP Theft and Brand Abuse
Manufacturing a Stronger Supply Chain: When People are the Weak Link, GroupSense Can Help

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About the Company

Actions are louder than words. We are changing the way cyber intelligence is delivered and put into action.

GroupSense is a leading provider of cyber intelligence services. GroupSense is not a feed, or a search engine for the dark web. GroupSense are people, empowered by proprietary technology, helping information security and intel teams realize value. We are trusted by governments worldwide to assist in cyber intel program development, election monitoring, and anti-fraud and risk measures. GroupSense tracks known and suspected threat actor and groups, publishing research. Our team reaches out to effected to affected organizations regardless of customer status.