Preventative Medicine Cyber SecurityPreventative Medicine: Targeted Intel to Stop IP Theft and Brand Abuse

GroupSense is the prescription for visibility of your digital footprint and asset exposure.

With the average cost to bring a new drug to market surging towards $2.5 billion, our client wanted to get in front of any mentions of trial drugs before they were officially available. GroupSense partnered with a global pharmaceutical company to fight back against IP fraud.

"GroupSense delivers the best intel we've ever seen from any vendor."

GroupSense identified a syndicate claiming to have access to name-brand medications. Whether the activities were the result of physical theft of medication or manufacturing of counterfeit drugs, there could be negative impact for the client. Armed with this intel, our customer quickly took action to prevent further activities from this group. Understanding how a threat actor operates empowered the client to modify their own processes in the future to prevent recurrences.