It's about efficacy and having a real partnership with our clients.

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Kurtis Minder, CEO

People don't need another product. They have enough problems and can't find help. We offer a service to give people the information they need.

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Kelly Milan, COO

It seemed like the threat actors were hiding in plain sight. They could steal information and sell it online. People, our customers, were powerless to do anything about it, so we took action.

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Tom Richards, CSO

Leadership Team

Kurtis Minder

Chief Executive Officer

Kelly Milan

Chief Operating Officer

Tom Richards

Chief Strategy Officer

Nikolay Danev

Vice President EMEA

More about GroupSense

What makes us different?

GroupSense delivers superlative intelligence on your intellectual property, brand assets, data, VIPs, and more. Our analysts and tools are unparalleled and our service is unprecedented. With us, you have access to the largest databases of their kind available along with proprietary historical records of darknet markets, forums and more. Our analysis engine, Tracelight, amplifies and accelerates the work of experienced analysts dedicated to securing your present from future threats.


Eliminate unexpected cyber threats from your business risks utilizing the best intelligence sourcing on the market.


GroupSense believes in precision and grit. You rely on our intelligence to streamline your security–that means we need to act sharply and do whatever it takes to know confidently. We don’t make excuses, and we eliminate ego from the process. Our core values are communication, selflessness, honesty, transparency, purpose, discipline, and agility.

Advisory Board

Joel Christner

VP, Marketing at Cloudgenix

Jonathan Nguyen-Duy

VP, Strategy & Analytics at Fortinet

Peter Evans

CMO at Optiv

Richard Steinnon

Published Author and Analyst

Shawn Carpenter

Investor and Technologist

Wayne Peterson

Global Chief Information Security Officer Duff & Phelps/Kroll


Partner with GroupSense and expand your portfolio to include proactive cyber reconnaissance services. Improve your competitive position, drive revenue and deliver better security outcomes for your clients.

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