How to Protect Your Data: Operational Security in Remote Work

A joint webinar from DeleteMe and GroupSense.

Tuesday, August 9, 1-1:45pm ET

The days of sitting in your cubicle and overhearing colleagues discuss the latest deals, investment rounds, or client information are long gone, but those conversations are still happening. As the workforce—including your employees—distributes into coffee shops, airports, and co-working spaces, how are you protecting your organization’s private information? 

Join GroupSense CEO Kurtis Minder, and DeleteMe CEO Rob Shavell on Tuesday, August 9 at 1pm ET for a joint webinar, ”How to Protect Your Data: Operational Security in Remote Work.” During the webinar, Kurtis and Rob will discuss the operational security challenges of remote workforces and what happens after private information is available on the internet. Attendees will gain insight into:

  • How easy it can be for organizational information to end up in the wrong hands
  • What organizations can do to strengthen operational security
  • What individuals can do if their personal information is on the internet

We hope to see you at our webinar on August 9. Register today by filling out the form on this page to save your seat. 

About DeleteMe
At DeleteMe, we believe that the personally identifiable information most ripe for abuse is the PII that already exists on the open web. Our solution removes and proactively monitors the surface web for exposed personal data; reducing corporate risk from threats ranging from employee and executive harassment to social engineering.
With over 35 Million individual pieces of data removed since 2010, DeleteMe is the category-defining market leader in the personal data removal space. For more information, please visit: https://business.joindeleteme.com/ 

About GroupSense

GroupSense is a digital risk protection services company that delivers customer-specific intelligence that dramatically improves enterprise cybersecurity and fraud-management operations.

Unlike generic cyber-intelligence vendors, GroupSense uses a combination of automated and human reconnaissance to create finished intelligence that maps to each customer's specific digital business footprint and risk profile.

This enables customers to immediately use GroupSense's intelligence to reduce enterprise risk, without requiring any additional processing or management by overstretched security and fraud-prevention teams.

GroupSense is based in Arlington, Va., with a growing customer base that includes large enterprises, state and municipal governments, law enforcement agencies and more. Visit, www.groupsense.io


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Tuesday, August 9, 2022
1pm ET 

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