Monitoring deep, dark and surface web to detect exposure of your sensitive data, secret projects and initiatives, privileged users, critical systems, IT infrastructure, and more.
Monitoring and alerting of third party data breaches impacting your employees’ emails, usernames, and personally identifiable information.
Assess the risk footprint and security posture of key business relationships to get a handle on external risk introduced through your extended attack surface.

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Digital risk monitoring of key personnel with telemetry and risk metrics. VIPRecon provides broad coverage of social media, deep and dark web, as well as physical threat assessments.
Our Ransomware Response Readiness Assessment, Playbook and Table Top Exercise gives your organization the best chance to survive and recover.
Gain visibility of your digital footprint by reaching into the most active areas of the cyber underground.
Fully managed and tailored Threat Intelligence services that becomes an extension of your current security processes and provides real-time visibility on new threats.
Providing research and investigations into known threats, to save security teams time and stress during a cyber emergency.

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GroupSense offers a comprehensive package of services for assessing and responding to ransomware attacks, including negotiations with threat actors.
Actively researching and monitoring threats from vendors or third-party companies that can affect organizational security.
Monitoring for threats to elections, VIPs, and more on social media to proactively prevent or mitigate digital risk.
Focusing on the threats and risks that matter to your security processes and providing intelligence and insights to prevent or mitigate digital risk.
Taking the next step in security services, by proactively taking down phishing sites or anonymously interacting with threat actors to provide better intelligence.
Active monitoring of your brand's digital assets to protect its reputation and stop further brand abuse from targeting unsuspecting victims.

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Combining your cyber and fraud programs to effectively fight threat actors continually scamming or threatening assets within an organization.
Executives are prime targets for fraudulent activities, but with a proactive approach, any attacks or threats can be neutralized before causing any damage.
Governments, political parties and candidates must all act now to activate cyber threat intelligence services to harden their information security and get ahead of inevitable cyber threats to the election process.
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How GroupSense uses 'cyber double agents' to rescue businesses' private information from the dark web and identify future leaks

Jul 17, 2020 11:00:00 AM

A 2020 study on US consumers and cybercrime recorded nearly 1,500 significant data breaches in 2019 resulting in the exposure of more than 164 million sensitive records. Meanwhile, one executive of a major US accounting firm argued that 2020 may be one of the most fraud-rich environments in our nation's history.

"It is as if a bank vault had been opened around the country and a welcome sign for crooks hung outside the door," Brad Preber, CEO of Grant Thornton LLP, told Business Insider, referring to loans issued under the CARES Act stimulus package.

If your company's data has been unlawfully released, it doesn't matter how many or how few records are exposed — every data breach is significant.

With sensitive data on the loose, it's hard to know how or even if it's possible to get your records back, especially once they've been offered for sale online. This enables bad actors to use personally identifying information, including social security numbers, addresses, and even passwords and logins, to do things like breach your customers' financial accounts, set up credit cards and other accounts in their names, and divert government payments, among other things.

GroupSense is one company that makes a business out of retrieving sensitive data for its clients, as well as patrolling the internet for potential cyber and real-time, in-person threats and protecting companies' principals from these threats. A privately-held company based in Arlington, Virginia, GroupSense told Business Insider that the company has experienced 65% year-over-year growth thanks to its growing customer base that includes large enterprises, state and municipal governments, and law enforcement agencies. 

It attracts these customers in part because of the strength of its proprietary breach database, which the company said is the largest of its kind in the world given the comprehensive nature of the data it covers, which is carefully screened to ensure that there are no duplicates.

GroupSense took Business Insider behind the scenes to explain how its process works in ferreting out and rescuing valuable personally identifiable information (PII). 

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