Monitoring deep, dark and surface web to detect exposure of your sensitive data, secret projects and initiatives, privileged users, critical systems, IT infrastructure, and more.
Monitoring and alerting of third party data breaches impacting your employees’ emails, usernames, and personally identifiable information.
Assess the risk footprint and security posture of key business relationships to get a handle on external risk introduced through your extended attack surface.

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Digital risk monitoring of key personnel with telemetry and risk metrics. VIPRecon provides broad coverage of social media, deep and dark web, as well as physical threat assessments.
Our Ransomware Response Readiness Assessment, Playbook and Table Top Exercise gives your organization the best chance to survive and recover.
Gain visibility of your digital footprint by reaching into the most active areas of the cyber underground.
Fully managed and tailored Threat Intelligence services that becomes an extension of your current security processes and provides real-time visibility on new threats.
Providing research and investigations into known threats, to save security teams time and stress during a cyber emergency.

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GroupSense offers a comprehensive package of services for assessing and responding to ransomware attacks, including negotiations with threat actors.
Actively researching and monitoring threats from vendors or third-party companies that can affect organizational security.
Monitoring for threats to elections, VIPs, and more on social media to proactively prevent or mitigate digital risk.
Focusing on the threats and risks that matter to your security processes and providing intelligence and insights to prevent or mitigate digital risk.
Taking the next step in security services, by proactively taking down phishing sites or anonymously interacting with threat actors to provide better intelligence.
Active monitoring of your brand's digital assets to protect its reputation and stop further brand abuse from targeting unsuspecting victims.

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Combining your cyber and fraud programs to effectively fight threat actors continually scamming or threatening assets within an organization.
Executives are prime targets for fraudulent activities, but with a proactive approach, any attacks or threats can be neutralized before causing any damage.
Governments, political parties and candidates must all act now to activate cyber threat intelligence services to harden their information security and get ahead of inevitable cyber threats to the election process.
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Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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How Pharma Organizations Can Combat Third Party Cyber Attacks

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The digital age has enabled pharma organizations to open up new opportunities and make processes more efficient. However, it’s also increased the risk of third-party cyber attacks, which can have serious impacts on data security and organizational systems. In this article, we explore the various types of third party cyber attacks that pharma organizations face, the potential implications of a successful attack, and how organizations can take steps to identify and mitigate such risks. We will look at engaging a digital risk protection provider, conducting regular assessments of third-party vendors, implementing security protocols, and creating a culture of vigilance within pharma organizations. With these strategies in hand, pharma organizations can protect themselves from cyber threats posed by malicious third parties.

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Kurtis Minder Keynotes LogicON

By Editorial Team on Sep 19, 2023 1:24:43 PM

GroupSense is excited to announce that our co-founder and CEO Kurtis Minder will be the keynote speaker of LogicON this year. Our partners at Logically will hold their first annual event focused on cybersecurity.

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In today's highly connected world, cybersecurity has become a critical concern for individuals, businesses, and governments alike. With cyber threats constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, it is essential to understand the strategies and processes employed by attackers. One such concept that has gained prominence is the Killchain. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various stages of the Killchain, its real-world examples, and how to detect and disrupt it.

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Combating Insider Threat in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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The pharmaceutical industry holds an immense amount of sensitive information, making it a prime target for malicious insider threats. From confidential company data to proprietary drug formulas, the potential losses from such a breach can be catastrophic. In order to protect against this risk, pharma companies must understand the potential risks posed by insiders, know how to identify and mitigate these threats, and develop best practices for prevention. This article will provide an overview of all these topics, as well as discuss the tools available to combat insider threat in the pharmaceutical industry and address any challenges that may arise. By understanding the risks posed by insider threats and taking proactive steps to protect against them, pharma companies can ensure their data remains safe.

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GroupSense Makes Security Intelligence Available to Service Providers

By Editorial Team on Sep 12, 2023 9:00:00 AM

Company’s Tracelight Fuse subscription service gives MSPs and MSSPs powerful security intelligence for their customers to provide advanced cybersecurity services to the midmarket

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GroupSense Report: Cybersecurity Threats to the Pharmaceutical Industry

By Editorial Team on Sep 8, 2023 12:40:36 PM

Cyber criminals are looking for ways to steal pharmaceutical intellectual property. Third party cyber risk and insider threat are two ways that threat actors can infiltrate pharma companies to cause damage. In our report, you will:

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The Pharmaceutical Cybersecurity Landscape

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The pharmaceutical industry is a major target for cyber criminals due to the large amount of sensitive data that must be kept secure and confidential. With the rapid advancement in technology, the threats posed by these malicious actors have only increased. Companies in this sector must take proactive measures to protect themselves from cyberattacks, and it all starts with having a comprehensive security strategy. In this article, we’ll discuss the current state of cybersecurity in the pharmaceutical industry, common threats these companies face, and best practices for strengthening their cybersecurity. Ultimately, businesses should enlist the help of a third-party security partner to ensure their data remains secure. Download the Pharma Threat Brief today for mitigation strategies.

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Safeguarding Your Company’s Data: The Importance of  Risk Management

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The digital era is upon us, and we find ourselves living in a world that's driven by technology. From social media to online stores, everything is accessible with just a click. Companies are no exception, and most organizations have already transitioned to digital platforms to streamline their operations. 

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What Is Spoofing and How Can You Protect Yourself?

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Spoofing is a deceptive practice used by cybercriminals to trick individuals and organizations into believing that their messages or actions are coming from a trusted source. In this article, we will explore the concept of spoofing, its different types, and the potential consequences it can have on individuals and businesses. We will also provide tips and strategies to help you protect yourself from falling victim to spoofing attempts.

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Understanding Business Email Compromise

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What You Need to Know

Email is an essential communication tool for businesses, allowing us to connect with colleagues, clients, and vendors across the globe. However, with this convenience comes the risk of cyber threats, one of the most prevalent being Business Email Compromise (BEC). In this article, we will explore what BEC is, its impact on businesses, how it works, and how to recognize and prevent it.

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